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One of the Best Youtube Channels for Learning Mathematics

Online platforms such as YouTube channels are good platforms to learn mathematics from. As they offer convenient and interactive mathematics lessons, students can effectively learn from such channels at their fingertips. Intuitive lessons available online can address the questions that students may have, and can help them understand certain topics better. Besides, these videos can be played back anytime, allowing students to find what they need easily. Students would also be able to learn at a pace that suits them, and take ownership of their learning too. In this article, we will be introducing one of the best YouTube channels to learn mathematics from – Eddie Woo.  
Who is Eddie Woo? Eddie is a high school mathematics teacher based in Sydney. Being a passionate educator, he started uploading videos of his classroom lessons on his YouTube channel in 2012, and has 1 million subscribers as of today. Also known as WooTube, Eddie uploads his mathematics lessons on his channel for viewers to watch and learn from – absolutely free of charge.  Bringing his passion for teaching beyond classrooms, Eddie uploads YouTube videos where he personally explains various mathematics concepts and topics. Equipped with an online whiteboard, Eddie explains mathematics and solves sums and equations in his classes. The topics are split into different parts, with most videos not exceeding 15 minutes, making it easy for students to watch. With drawings and graphs, Eddie teaches mathematics in an interactive and interesting way, allowing students to visualise better the concepts taught. 
Free for all to watch, Eddie’s virtual mathematics videos have been well-received by many. Interestingly, Eddie initially posted his classroom lessons online to assist his ill student. To his surprise, his videos started gaining attention from students and teachers all over the world, and his teaching gained international attention. Eddie’s learning resources are currently used by students worldwide, and his lessons have more than 36 million views. He also arranges the mathematics lessons available on his platforms by topic, with a separate portal for students living in another Australian state or territory. His online mathematics materials are easy to access and navigate, and have proven to be useful for students all across the globe. 
As such, it is no surprise that his channel is one of the best YouTube channels to learn mathematics from. Viewers often leave comments on his YouTube videos, expressing their gratitude for his online videos. Many also commented that his mathematical explanations were helpful and that they enjoy his teaching methods. Geometry of the Derivatives (1 of 6: Review question)

An example of Eddie Woo’s YouTube mathematics class

Eddie has won various awards throughout his career as an educator, such as the 2019 Western Sydney University Honorary Fellowship and the Australia’s Local Hero Award. He was also featured on BBC World News and International Business Times.  As a highly credible and well-equipped mathematics teacher, you can be rest assured that his video classes are of high quality and can help you understand mathematics concepts better. Besides lessons conducted for students, Eddie also has a YouTube channel for teachers, where he upload video guides as well as advice for educators. Videos from conferences, vlogs about teaching and learning and more are available on his channel specifically created for teachers, turning his channel to be one of the best YouTube channel to learn mathematics from.  Regardless of your location, you can access his informative videos. Apart from teaching, Eddie also produces materials to engage people with mathematics in different ways. One example is his TED talk, where he shared his passion for mathematics which gained more than a million views. He has also written books related to mathematics – with his first book titled Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths. After his first venture as an author, he also subsequently launched children’s activity books full of fun explorations of the mathematical stories, making mathematics engaging and interactive for children too. Other than just videos, Eddie also provides worksheets on his website for students and teachers to access for free, enhancing their learning experience and helping them apply what they have learnt.  0:57 / 13:12 Mathematics is the sense you never knew you had | Eddie Woo | TEDxSydney

An example of Eddie Woo’s YouTube mathematics class

Many teachers have found Eddie’s videos helpful, and are able to see for themselves what exemplary teaching looks like in action. A window into actual classrooms, teachers from various countries and schools can learn and be inspired through his videos. This was also what motivated him to set up another channel for educators, and he currently produces videos catered to both students and teachers.  Eddie’s online mathematics lessons have proven to be helpful for students all around the world, and have successfully helped many students grasp mathematics concepts easily through their screens. A passionate and hardworking mathematics educator, Eddie has impacted many students and teachers’ learning experiences – giving them new perspectives and understanding towards mathematics.  

Together with Eddie Woo, The Patatas aims to bring his online learning materials to the developing countries. The Patatas is a social solutions consultancy, where we explore technology based solutions for the various communities. We innovated ‘CaseStudy’, a cost effective digital solution that operates in unfavourable conditions and is customisable to the needs of users.  ‘CaseStudy’ is a digital device housed in a single waterproof and shockproof unit, which users are able to conveniently transport and set up without much hassle. As educators require audio and visual support to conduct classes, ‘CaseStudy’ comes in handy. It also does not require internet connectivity or electricity supply, allowing more remote countries to access online materials without much trouble. ‘CaseStudy’ is fitted with built-in batteries and is powered by a portable power bank, hence it can be used 100% offline. This cost-efficient tool can help teachers project content to a whole classroom of students, and can effectively engage students during lessons.  ‘CaseStudy’ is also shock-proof, suitable for countries that are vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, and can withstand harsh conditions. It is also fully customisable to the needs of users, making it adaptable to the different environments of classes. Teachers would be able to work offline, and students can also learn anywhere as ‘CaseStudy’ is compact and can be easily set up wherever they are without being confined to a particular location. It is also easily transported, making it convenient for users to bring it around.

A variety of tools inside of a CaseStudy
As many less developed countries lack access to quality education and are unable to effectively find learning materials online, ‘CaseStudy’ has the ability to bring technology to such communities, providing them with easy-to-use materials that can help improve education and enhance their learning experience. Many rural countries face difficulties conducting classes and gaining access to quality education, with problems such as lack of infrastructure as well as insufficient funding. These less developed countries may have little to no access to technology or the internet, which prevents them from accessing educational materials and resources online. The poor quality of school infrastructure also affects the learning environments of these communities, especially in poverty stricken areas – with classrooms consisting of simply benches and a blackboard. Teachers may also not be equipped enough to conduct classes, causing students to not be able to learn well and reach their potential. Hence, digital solutions that are easy to use and low in cost would be most effective for them. 
Content and materials can be pre-downloaded into hard drive within the ‘CaseStudy’, and can hence equip educators with the learning materials they need. A range of learning information and teaching materials in the form of presentation slides, videos and more can be saved in the ‘CaseStudy’, allowing users to access them wherever they are. 
Hence, Eddie Woo’s mathematics video classes can be downloaded into ‘CaseStudy’ and be used and shared to people who face difficulties accessing stable internet connection and online materials.  The Patatas aims to bring intuitive online classes to less developed countries, helping them to gain access to quality education. Eddie Woo’s video lessons have helped many students across the globe to better understand mathematics, and we hope that these resourceful videos can reach many more communities around the world. Such audio and visual resources can help engage students better, and help them be more interested in learning and expanding their knowledge. As mathematics concepts can be especially hard to grasp and understand, videos would help students learn better as they can visualise the mathematics concept easily through the explanations and drawings displayed. 
Through our collaboration with Eddie Woo, we hope that such educational content can be brought to communities worldwide through our digital innovations, and that more people can assess quality education at their fingertips. We believe that many communities can benefit greatly through such collaborations and innovations, and that we can provide solutions to those who face barriers to receiving quality education. Seeing the effectiveness and usefulness of Eddie Woo’s online mathematics lessons and tutorials, we aim to bring such content to more communities, especially those who face troubles accessing them. If you are interested to work with us to improve access to education to the various communities, do contact us! We are always looking to collaborate with people to improve the lives of others and bring about positive change through our technology-based solutions.
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